Now Growing

Here's most of the edibles growing or surviving in the garden as of February 21, 2018:

Chiles and Sweet Peppers: 
Aji Amarillo Grande
Aji Angelo
Aji Golden
Baby Aji Amarillo
Craig's Grande JalapeƱo
Ethiopian Brown
Joe's Giant Aji Amarillo

From 2016:
Aji Amarillo Grande

Piccolo Dattero cherry

The Rest of The Vegetables:

Arugula - Speedy

Brussels Sprouts - Gustus

Cabbage - Little Jade Napa
Cabbage - Pixie

Celery - Pink Plume

Chard - Special Baby Leaf
Chard - Syrian Medieval

Favas - Aquadulce
Favas - Extra Precoce A Grano Violetto

Kalettes - Autumn Star
Kalettes - Mistletoe
Kalettes - Snowdrop

Lettuce - Red Iceberg
Lettuce - Three Heart Butterhead

Mustard - Pink Lettucy
Mustard - Ho-Mi Z Dragon Tongue

Peas - Frieda Worlds snow peas
Peas - Golden Sweet snow peas
Peas - Green Arrow shelling peas
Peas - Little Crunch snap peas
Peas - Royal snow peas
Peas - Sweet Horizon snow peas

Spinach - Little Hero Baby Leaf
Spinach - Merlo Nero